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Not. Yao. Ming.

English Go Away!

Not Yao Ming
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We hate Yao Ming, and we don't care who knows it!

We are:

+ Megans

+ Fashion designers

+ Crazy fools

+ Not Yao Ming supporters

If there were a song about us, this is how it would go:

Two Megans, so different but the same
Two Megans, they share a fucking name.
One was born in October and the other born in June,
They sit through fifth period English on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
They both like Pink Floyd, and The Goo Goo Dolls too
They're like, basically the founders of the Carbon Peach crew.
They like a lot of the same things,
But they also argue about a lot of stuff
Like, whether or not the death penalty
should be given to Hilary Duff.
They both discovered Franz Ferdinand,
But in the end they'll still be frikkin' friends.

P.S. THE DOG!!!!



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